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Searching Basics via GOOGLE

You definitely know really even have memorized the picture above ....!

Yup ...... that's right!

That is an image from 'Uncle Google'!

Who is not familiar with google ...
A Site Search Engine Giants in a lot of interest by everyone in the world

In addition to the display (homepage) Google is a low profile, which is in the database also possessed very large. Google also does not discriminate in its index data from a website.

Making it easier for everyone to get the information through google perlukannya <bahkan a hacker...maybe yes,,,,,,maybe not.....>. That's why Google Search Engine to a site in the interest of most people.

Through Google, we can get all the information we need. Both about education, entertainment, business, games, etc.. Just by typing in keywords (keywords) in the search field on the Google website then click the Google Search button or press Enter, then the result will be that there are a number of websites according to the keywords you enter. The most simple example, you try to insert the word "google", the result will be found a number of sites that have the word 'google'. To see the results, please
klick hereanatomy Search

Before we continue, I will explain a little about the workings of a Search Engine, of course, Google.
A Search Engine has a component called spider (spider) and often also called crawlers. Element is spider visits (access) to Internet sites to read it and follow the various links in the site.

Programs known as crawlers, spiders, or robots that use Google as the Internet world explorers officer named
Cusco, Scooter and Deephot.
Investigators Google is assessing a site with a variety of ways. That in which, each element in the encounter by this spider will be recorded in an index. And if the change is found on the site, then the spider will automatically update.

In conducting a keyword search, Search Engines, Google will ignore words such as: a, about, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, from, how, i, in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, we, what, when, where, roomates, and with.
And if you want to know how a search engine works, please
klick here Operators and Boolean Logic on Google

Operators will understand the importance of what is found on Google is one of the main base in the need to conduct a more specific search. In order to get better search results.
Here is some logic
and operators that can be used:
1. AND :
Function to find words that are before and after the AND logic. Same logic function with a plus sign (+). Actually, the AND command should not be typed. Because by default, Google uses the keyword AND.
free blog, free AND blog, free +blog

2. OR :
In use to find at least one page in the search keywords. OR says this should work equally with the space character.
free web tools OR blog tools

3. Tanda Plus ( + )
Its function is the same as the logic AND.
free blog +web

4. Tanda Minus ( - )
Its function is not to show that the word minus sign in front there.
free tutorial -news

5. Tanda Asterik ( * )
Symbolizes the replacement character. For example, if you type: one * three, then the results will vary. Try to look at: here

6. Tanda Titik ( . )
Used to search the text of one character. The character can be anything, including letters, numbers, spaces, special characters, etc..
ro.i ;
The result can be: bread, rozi, rosi, ro-i
7. Tanda kutip ( " " ) :
Used to search for text or words in the wedge between the two quotes.
"free tools"Above operators can combine to become more complex.
webmaster AND (Tutorial OR News)

Anatomi URL Google
Please know that Google is the base URL: So for example we type the keyword: free tools. Then when you press the Search button, Google URL will be
 The question mark (?) After the end of a URL search shows, as well as the beginning of the next argument, which is a search program.

After the question mark (?) Can be added to the argument num = 100.
Argument num = 100 shows 100 items perhalaman.
By default. Google shows 10 pages.
Use the ampersand symbol (&) is used to separate between the arguments (after num). Hl = en argument is the argument that choice of language in use and indicates the language used is English. Argument enq = free + tools are the contents of the query or keyword that you are looking for.

Why are the basics of logic, boolean, and so important for operators to be in control?
Useful because in addition to looking for more detailed information. Also could be useful for finding the information confidential and are not aware of. As some syntax below.

1. intitle: to facilitate Google restrict the search results page contained in the title or the author of a site. To see an example please c
lick here.

2. allintitle :
used for a more complete search in the search or if there are two main keywords, then the syntax we use is: allintitle. See an example di sini

3. inurl :
used to limit the search results only on URLs that contain the keyword is searched. Here's an example klik disini

4. allinurl :
same function as allintitle.
Examples click

5. site:

to limit keyword search only specific sites or domains.
click here

6. filetype : used directly to to look for a site that has files with certain extensions. Such as doc, xls, ppt, pdf, mdb, txt, etc..
Here's an example
klik disini

7. link : to display a list of sites that have links on certain sites only.
klik disini

8. related : to display a list of sites that may be similar or identical to the site in search. klik disini 

9. cache : to display a list of web that has been registered in the Google index.
Examples click

10. and allintext intext: same function like intitle and allintitle. It's just that in the search results by using the syntax intext get is in the form of words contained in the body of a particular site. Where the use of this syntax will ignore the link, URL, and page title.

11. Phonebook: make information to be addresses and phone numbers, particularly for the address contained in the USA. For example:

12. define: to display the definition of a word or phrase. For example: here

13. info : to display information from Google about the site in search. here

Using the Advanced Search.

You can also use the Advanced Search from Google or advanced search in its Indonesian.
By entering more detailed input. The result would be more better.
Enter input details of which include: word help as boolean logic, the language used, file format, date of update, etc.. Maybe you can try it directly via the link below:

Well, it will have to understand, right?
Sekedear info only yach. Even through google, you can do the hacking. Try Dech buy his book entitled Efvy Zam Kerinci Google Hacking: "How do the latest Hacking Tools Without".


Thank You

Tips dan Trik

Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

Article Searching Basics via GOOGLE, Published by Sendi Karlita on the day Sunday, June 30, 2013. Hopefully this article can add your insights. Sendi Karlita a is a writer who wants to be successful in the virtual world. Try, and keep trying. May God give consent. regards


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