Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tunisian Revolution PES 6 PES 2013 Patch version

This patch is a patch season 2012-2013, it has have assessed long but the excess of this patch is a very real appearance in the game, and most importantly, a dazzling display. that's why I post them back.

Description of the Patch are:

* Add 20 of the Tunisian league team ; First League : 16 team and the second link : 4 teams , engaged in a Tunisian national championship with 20 Cup team in addition to Tunisia.* Formations difference , centers and players numbers are correct .* Add crews modern and high quality.* Add more than 200 face / hair for players Tunisians ; mostly correct and neat (The Star 25, Esperance 25, CSS 25, Africa 25, CAB 25 , Pitch 20, Marina 18, Hammam-Lif 8 , in addition to the faces of the Tunisian team ) and the rest of the difference would be complete , God willing, in the next versions .* Add Songs Virage high quality all Tunisian difference .* Add Signs Virage all Tunisian difference .* Add Scorpurdat the Tunisian national channels( National 1, National 2 , Hannibal , people, T - Sport ) .* Add a Tunisian courts and the 12 ( Rades , Manzah , the Zouiten , marina , Bizerte , Beja, Sousse , Sousse , Monastir, Sfax , Kairouan , plug) Add to the Souss باتشر - course , a fantastic stadium special Balbach .* Add Songs Menu revolutionary character and a variety of other songs .* Difference incorrect fashion in EDIT MODE.* Masses colors in the stands true.* Add the emerging European teams patrol 2012-2013 English, Spanish, Italian and German with the transfer ٱkhr .* Add new shoes and balls .* Add camera Pace 2012 and Pace 2013 camera .* Add Wallpapers and elegantly Menu .

To download Full Patch, here :

For the latest option file please download here
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Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

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