Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ball pack Nike Incyte Season 2013-2014 by Skills Rooney

Very good ball game PES 6 ensure you feel more leverage. Lots of Ball Pack is on stocking up on the internet, but for me this one Ball Pack has been more stable and scalable in the game. Immediately, the appearance of Ball Pack Pes 6 of Ronney's host:

How to install:
  • First, delete the folder in the list below kitserver13-> GDB-> Balls
Maxim EPL
Maxim LC
Maxim LFP
Maxim Hi-Vis
Maxim Conmebol
BrasileirĂ£o Seitiro
Neo 2 Professional
  • Then, copy the folder Incyte 8 ... to kitserver13-> GDB-> Balls and paste This is the name of the folder
Incyte 2013-14 Match Ball
Incyte Barclays Premier League 13-14
Incyte 13-14 Liga BBVA
Incyte Calcio Serie A 2013-14
Incyte Hi-Vis 2013-14
Incyte Hi-Vis Barclays Premier League 2013-14
Incyte Hi-Vis 2013-14 Liga BBVA
Incyte Hi-Vis Serie A Calcio 2013-14
- Then, copy map.txt to kitserver13-> GDB-> Balls and paste
- And open your pes 2013 game, see the new balls
- If you follow these steps, you will get new Incyte balls: D

To download :

Here, here, oR here
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