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History Establishment Amazon Buy Sell website World

Standing Origin :
Website is the largest retail sites in the world, who started his business with the wheels just to sell books online, but now touches every aspect of things ranging from DVDs, clothing, web hosting up to CDN (Content Delivery Networks)., Inc.. founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and in line right in June 1995. Jeff Bezos wrote its own bussiness plan / dream company's business plan and chose Seattle as a place to start a business because it is easier to find IT staff at that time.

The company was originally named Cadabra, Inc., but people often mistaken hears it as 'Cadaver' (corpse / carcass). Amazon name chosen because the Amazon River is the largest river in the world that symbolizes the huge size and also because of the name begins with the letter "A" that appears at the beginning of alphabetical order.
Amazon warehouse English :

In the early days of, the company worked from home garages Jeff Bezos in Seattle with a table that was made from a used door. Amazon not to stock the book at that time but they work with publishers who will send the book when there is a request to amazon then amazon will send the book back to the buyer.

In the first month of the launch site, amazon serve requests from 50 states and 48 countries and now it is the only book product.

Nick Hanauer is the first investor who believes in the idea of ​​Jeff Bezos and invest money as a capital of $ 40,000. And when the first online, this site does not look as attractive now. His site looks very plain and unattractive to most people, and when Tom Alburg interested mengivestasikan $ 100,000 to help the company to create a site that is more interesting and better hosting capabilities. In 1997, Amazon became a public company that first opened at $ 18 and the stock price jumped to $ 24 in a day.

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