Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Window 8 Themes Skin Pack For XP, 7 Free Download

This is a theme pack to beautify the look of windows xp and 7 to look like Windows 8, the following categories:


All in all, 8 Skin Pack is a nice alternative to installing the real Windows 8, modifying your system only on the surface. The biggest visual change for the new Windows 8 is the user interface. Created with tablet computers in mind, this tile layout enables all users to access various apps and main spots on the computer, such as the hard disks, the games section, Control Panel or the Microsoft store and the desktop.
After installing this app your computer should resemble the original Windows 8 and includes specific elements, such as charms bar, tile user interface and all other visual features. It also introduces a “start button” in order to provide the functionality of the launcher in Windows 7.
Despite the nice features this app brings, you should pay attention when installing it instead of just pressing the “Next” button until the end. The software offers to change the homepage for your web browser, the default search engine and install a toolbar.
What’s New :
  • new login screen
  • new start screen
  • new widget
  • new lock screen
  • new boot screen
  • new explorer
  • new start button
  • new wallpaper
  • new brand
  • new logo
  • new style
  • new start menu
Download | 8 Skin Pack 11 For Windows 7 x86 – (24.79 MB)
Download | 8 Skin Pack 11 For Windows 7 x64 – (24.79 MB)
Requirements: Net FrameWork [download]

For SKINPACK Only Windows XP, HERE
source : here
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