Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Patch PES 6 Screen PES7 TPL Season 2013-2014

For those who like the same look of PES 6 with a collection of beautiful women, please just download it. Before downloading please to see a screenshot of how it looks below:


Interesting is not it? Immediately, the following link to download: 

Fiture :

dat.rar --> Download 4shared
kitserver.rar --> Download 4shared
boots.rar -->Download 4shared 
balls.rar --> Download 4shared 
faces.rar --> Download 4shared 
hair.rar --> Download 4shared 
e_text --> Download 4shared
0_text.part--> Download 4shared
part 1 --> Download 4shared
part 2 --> Download 4shared
part 3 --> Download 4shared
part 4 --> Downlaod 4shared
part 5 --> Downlaod 4shared
pes6.exe-settings.exe --> Download 4shared
OPT.FILE --> Download 4shared
E_TEXT PES6 2013 Patch PES7 TPL 2013 By Pessix skill


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Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

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