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Details and About Use Blogger

Since established in July 1999. Increasingly today more and more users Blog. And of the details of the survey results by Nita Blog. There are 88.7% of existing Bloggers around the world (For a more complete survey results can you see here.

Another development that is when then Blog Blog does not even contain any links but just be writing about what a blogger thinks, feels, to what he does everyday. Blog Diary Online then also be located on the Internet. The only thing that distinguishes Blog of Diary or Journal usual we have is that a blog created to read other people. The Blogger with purposely designed the blog and its contents to be enjoyed by others.

Cameron Barrett (An Interactive Designer), in his Essay entitled Blognya "Anatomy of a Weblog" explains: "In some sense, weblogs sum up what's so great about the Internet. Like fanzine editors before them, weblog editors embrace a topic or theme and run with it. Weblogs are a great indicator of what's happening on the Internet and within the web community. As our weblogs grow and mature, let's offer up some hope for those that follow in our footsteps. Pass along your tips for finding the best tidbits and links. Archive your site and make it searchable. Run a link-checking program against it to combat link-rot, and occasionally dig through your archives to find the truly great links, and feature them again."
Who the hell is the Blogger on the Internet?

Rebecca Blood on His Blog Rebecca's Pocket Blogger says that the beginning is they who have taught themselves HTML because they enjoy it, or those who after a hard day's work in their office, and then leave a few hours of free time each day to do web surfing and put the results on their blog . They are what he calls the people who enthusiastically on the web. 
Evan Williams
himself (founder
argues, "The majority of Blogger are young children or students. And many of those who use it to communicate with his friends".
Then what is the point of making blog?

There are two important things in the Blood Rabecca "That after he made his blog there are two side effects that occurred that he did not foresee. Firstly he rediscovered his interest since he started making blog. And the second point is more important, he began more appreciate his perspective alone.

Blog writing, is an activity that can be said is easy but difficult. Easy because we simply just type in what we want to write. While the difficulty is to articulate that opinion in our minds. Because sometimes the confrontation in our mind of what we want to write. My own opinion is still difficult to pour in the blog or my opinion. However, with frequently updated blog post in itself we will be more confident with what we write.

Amy Jo Kim a consultant and author of Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Succesful Online Communities, wrote that it takes a special basic requirements to become a blogger, the ability to express oneself, the desire to communicate with people and personal interests on candor.

"Creating and write a blog in its own way seems to make a living, thoughts, opinions and activities have a purpose bloggernya more and more regularly"

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