Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Tips For Bloggers To His writing is More Interesting

Being a blogger in a very interesting era. Many bloggers are already feeling the impact significantly.
Ranging from materials, royalties until relations. As part of the development of social media, blogs are now, be a reliable reference for the community while doing a search on a search engine.
However, many bloggers are still having trouble apparently for writing an article on his blog. Especially for novice bloggers.
For them, writing a blog article may not be as easy as perceived by bloggers and internet marketers who are experienced.
Perhaps, if your friends want to get a positive response from the posts made, friends should write something really useful for visitors, easy to understand and the most important is SEO Friendly.
So the article you are able to bring in visitors to the high traffic. The following tips can be used blogger friends that writing is more interesting:
1. Create at least 250 posts 500 words or more. No need to get much down. The reason, visitors are not interested anymore when it knows writing is very long. Bored and ilfil.
2. Create a post which is really unique and different than ever. Means articles that you post on the blog is not the result of a fresh article copy paste.
3. Focus on the topics discussed and according to the post title.
4. Use images in your post and paste the HTML code alternate text on images, because the search engines can not detect image alternate text but rather identify it through.
Example: alt = paste content writers blog on our image HTML code. Even better if you are targeting the post title.
5. Spread evenly keywords in our posts with conten maximum density of 3-4% of the total word count of your post.
6. Use HTML tags <h1>, <h2> or <h6> to existing headings in your posts, start most main use for the title and subsequent <h1> <h2> to <h6> for subtitles post. Make sure it contains keywords and anchor text that you targeted.
7. Prioritizing the placement of keywords in the first paragraph and the last row and post your article.
8. Use emphasis on keywords in the post using <b> bold, <i> Italic, Underline or <blogquotes> <u> for quotes. Vary the use of these tags and do too much, most of the emphasis for each paragraph
9. Give intake in the form of outbound links (backlinks) to your posts through other blogs that have the same topic. It would be better if the outbound is trusted sites such as Wikipedia.
10. Posting your articles consistently eg 4 times a week to maintain consistency and your post so it looks more natural in the eyes of search engines.

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Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

Article 10 Tips For Bloggers To His writing is More Interesting, Published by Sendi Karlita on the day Sunday, June 30, 2013. Hopefully this article can add your insights. Sendi Karlita a is a writer who wants to be successful in the virtual world. Try, and keep trying. May God give consent. regards


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