Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to put songs in order not Load Pages Blog

Have a blog Stihyapertiba trellises and Semujursite Pangkalpinang, how good the song is not?. Now another flare-proliferation blog as an example the song fitted the two blogs. there is a direct start and there should be in the first play. Nahh, do not let us stick because it tracks our blog loading burdensome blog. Of course this Makes uncomfortable the visitors who were forced to wait a long time to load because only those facilities. So, Brilliana will give you some steps to put music / songs on the blog without making burden on our blog loading.

1. Log in to your dashboard -> templates -> edit html
2. Check expand widget template
3. Find the code </ body> with the help of ctrl + f
4. If you have found, copy the following script mp3 above the code </ body>
5. Red writing is the song url. You can replace it with the url of the song that you want.
NB: Url song should end with. Mp3 or. Swf
6. Click the preview first to make sure the song is installed correctly or not
7. If you've heard the song, click "save template"

For song url you can get it here
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Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

Article How to put songs in order not Load Pages Blog, Published by Sendi Karlita on the day Sunday, June 30, 2013. Hopefully this article can add your insights. Sendi Karlita a is a writer who wants to be successful in the virtual world. Try, and keep trying. May God give consent. regards


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