Friday, July 12, 2013

Hospitality Management application source code with a simple programming language C #

Hospitality is very important for the application of a system-based hotel management. This application should be there, and no doubt very difficult to manufacture. Here I quote from Mas Lumbung, simple Hospitality Management, cekidot!

Her following screenshot

This application is very simple (knowingly, manufacturing process only 5 days), but it is enough to be used as study materials for building an information system and analyze the system of a company. Moreover, it also can be used a reference for the task materials.

Why, why??? Since I already feel how hard to find examples of references to a hotel management system without having to do research directly to the hotel in question. With this application examples hospitality, I would expect colleagues who happen to find examples of hospitality applications and happened to stop in my blog, can have an idea of ​​the actual hotel information system (although not like the truth and still many shortcomings) and can be used as a reference for the applications that will be made ​​later counterparts.

Below, I have provided a link to download the source code of simple hospitality applications with C #. Hopefully it can be useful for all peers.

To Download Klick Here 

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