Saturday, July 6, 2013

How do I write a seo article?

For a blogger to write an article or blog post is something that indeed the obligation, most want a new Blogger blog they look at the first page of Google but they do not know how to get into the first page of Google, in addition to some tips that I've previously cover such a way fast indexed search engine blog, here I will try to review it basic (basic) how to order the blog article that we make more seo friendly

Here's the answer:
Structure Title Post (Post Title) and Post DescriptionThe title of the post is the most important and vital because it is something that describes what is in your article, and should you make a post title contains keywords (keywords) that are relevant. Try looking for the wording (phrase) and that many people search for keywords and insert it in the post title, but remember .. relevance remains to be a reference, 5 Article Writing Tips SEO Friendly Blog Post That do not include all the keywords in the post title as if you display all the keywords so it looks inconsequential that makes the reader confused. Similarly, the post description in the form of a brief review of your article so commercialized contain keywords and phrases.

Link (Link) Keywords Important To Pages / Other PagesLink / keywords are important links to other pages that are relevant and appropriate to the discussion in the article that you created, it will increase your page views in the blog and will also drain pagerank.

Content Relevant (Relevant Content)Still keep your content relevant and appropriate for the topic of your blog. It will make the search engines like Google help you to increase your blog ranking in search engines according to the keywords you choose, as an example on my blog about this topic have tips tricks Blogger tricks and tips of SEO, so all articles I made containing some of the keywords.Unique content (Unique Content)
You have to think ahead, and clever read what circumstances become hot topics and current trends so that you can pour in an idea to make the article fit your style and your style to create unique articles that you created other than at the other, search engines like Google very fond of unique and fresh content, so keep working and do not duplicate or copy paste (copy and paste) because it will aggravate your blog ranking in search engines.

Use Google Adwords Keyword ToolSometimes we find it difficult to get a lot of keywords that people are searching for, then you can try using a tool that Google is Google Adwords: Keyword Tool, the tool that you do not have to guess about the best keyword tool from Google because it has a collection of words The best key again and the much sought-after trend.
Thank you'r review this article blog. May be a good benefit for all bloggers. regards

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Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

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