Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vista Transformation Pack Free For Windows XP Version 9.0.1

One more theme pack to change the look of your Windows XP be like Windows Vista. Please see the screenshot image for more details:

Following the definition of this skin pack:

Vista Transformation Pack will replace many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as: Features Boot screen Welcome Screen / Logon Screen New msstyles files (visual styles) New desktop and file icons New toolbar icons Progress Dialogs Sounds scheme System Tray icons New Wallpapers Windows Media Player Skins And much more Changes in Version 9.0 -Added Gavatx's Vista Rainbar 4.3 (Slim) in place of Thoosje's Vista Sidebar.

Added large icon resizing option for high resolution monitors -Added Personalization setup screen for configuring current user account before installation -Added running ViStart, ViOrb and ViSplore to WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency's exclusion list (prevent stability issues) -Added ViSplore project (Vista Glass Explorer for Windows XP/2003) -Added Vista Drive Icon in place of Vista Windows Drive Icon.

Added Windows XP Service Pack 3 uxtheme patching compatibilities -Fixed automate 3rd-party applications optimization requirements -Fixed graphic driver detection issues in transformation package for cases that doesn't use the first slot of driver -Fixed OS detection incompatibilities with Windows Vista -Fixed possible errors when auto-configuring user account during installation without "Express Mode" -Fixed Thoosje Sidebar's auto-configuration bug on some resolutions. -Fixed uninstallation script to terminate newly added applications such as WinFlip, TrueTransparency, etc. -Fixed Vista orb positioning in "System Properties" dialog -Fixed WindowBlinds' installation detection bug in configure user account dialog -Updated Aero Style's glass border for more visibility and less distortion for both WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency -Updated AeroStyle's glass border in TrueTransparency to simulate "little-blurring-like" WindowBlinds -Updated boot screen to traditional ones without Vista flag -Updated configure user account's installed components and applications UI.  

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