Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Windows 8 Transformation Pack Version 6.5 New For Windows 7, Vista or XP

One more theme pack to change the look of your windows to be like Windows 8. Please see the screenshot image for more details:

Feature of  Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.5.
* Added Windows 8 RTM wallpapers.
* Configured Aero frame UI, Metro Desktop UI and Aero’s auto-colorization to be used by default if applicable.
* Improved Segoe fonts family installation code for better compatibilities.
* Updated Metro Inspirat theme with improved start orb and few adjustments.
* Updated Newgen’s start screen background to Windows 8 RTM’s default.
* Updated Segoe fonts family from Windows 8 RTM.
* Updated TrueTransparency Aero skin rebuilt from Windows 8 RTM resources.
* Updated Windows 8′s Explorer toolbar layout configuration.
* Updated Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 by wango911 with customized theme files.
* Updated system files resources found in Windows 8 RTM.
* Boot Screen (Windows XP).
* Logon screen background.
* Navigation buttons.
* Network tray icons.
* System Tray icons.
* Shell icons.
* Shell pane background.
* Shutdown/Logoff/Theme dialogs (Windows XP).
* Start button/orb.

To download please go to this link

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