Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WooWW!!! Come, Be Part Publisher Chitika Getting 500 Dollar Gift

I created this article because when I opened the e-mail there are reports of incoming e-mail from my publisher Chitika account. I do not reduce the content of the rest of the article, but only share information with the bloggers who actively follow the program became part of publisher ad serving Pay Per Click (PPC) Chitika. And this new Blog Zone Amazone today I apply to the Chitika ads stick after reading this article, so presumably hoping to win the prize, heee .. hee.

Intrigued by a notice from Chitika? Here's the contents of the email:


The month of May marked the 10th Anniversary for Chitika. We’d like to thank you for your continued partnership as we grow and improve together. We have some exciting things in store for you, such as:
Win $500 in our July Referrer Contest!
Earn up to 20% more instantly! Activate Linx and Hover ad types
How to Go for GOLD! Qualify for advertisers who pay more for your valuable clicks
To your success!
The Chitika Affiliate Network Team

For Bloggers who do not know and find out what is Chitika PPC, as I describe a little about the program Pay Per Click (PPC) is,

Chitika is an online ad network with offices in the United States and India. Since its launch in 2003 ago, Chitika quickly grown to become a leader in the field of categories: Search, Local and Mobile. Keep in mind, Chitika has more than 200,000 sites in its advertising network.

Chitika performance has received international recognition and virtually every Chitika Year award. The multiple award Chitika is obtained, the Red Herring Global Top 100, AlwaysOn Northeast Top 100, and so on.
What is the meaning of Chitika Premium level, Chitika Gold, Silver Chitika, Chitika Bronze?Ad network Chitika as online giving Three Ways of predicate or degree level also for the publisher or owner of the site, namely: Gold, Silver and Bronze. This level of performance is given based Chitika publishers of websites advertising program offered from Chitika. Users can upgrade Under New Media needs. And you need to know when a new register to be part of Chitika publisher, the default account is received Silver Level.

Interested in becoming part of the publisher Chitika Ads on your Blog? do not hesitate, please click the banner below:

Good luck and welcome to the blogger who won prizes from Chitika later. Greetings Blogger ...

Thank you.

best, Blogger

Author: Sendi Karlita Location: Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung

Article WooWW!!! Come, Be Part Publisher Chitika Getting 500 Dollar Gift, Published by Sendi Karlita on the day Tuesday, July 2, 2013. Hopefully this article can add your insights. Sendi Karlita a is a writer who wants to be successful in the virtual world. Try, and keep trying. May God give consent. regards


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